Precious Siberian Husky Has The Best Face, Begging Dad For Piece Of Chicken. So, Adorable!

When it comes to food, it can be hard to wait for someone else to give us food. Whether it’s parents when we are younger or parents to a lovable animal. When you are hungry, it’s hard to turn off that part of your brain that says “FOOD. Now.” It may not always be the dire case that you seem to think it is, but the brain is a tricky thing. It can tell us things that aren’t true, are true. For instance, that feed needs to be now, rather than maybe waiting a literal minute for someone to help. Wait for the food to cool or get to temperature. When it comes to a Husky begging for food from his parent? The result is amazingly beautiful and funny.

It isn’t always that easy to contain yourself when you’re in the mood for food. There are times when we are so hungry that we would eat anything hot or anything at all. Those are the times when it can seem as though it is much longer than it is. However, when you see the adorable begs of one Siberian Husky, I’m sure you’ll have the urge to hug the little guy until he feels all of the love you have to share. When parents take too long to give food, then it can get dangerous for the parents. Because it’s simply the hunger they feel versus how fast you are trying to satiate them.

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