Precious two year toddler sends a special prayer from cradle, so heartwarming!

It really doesn’t matter which religion you follow, or even if you believe in a higher power, as long as you motivate yourself to be a good person. That’s a great philosophy to live by, but this child learnt about God from her parents who taught her to pray every day.

Watch how this adorable child communicates with God while lying in her crib. Her parents didn’t expect to hear a peep from the child and they were getting ready to go to sleep, when they heard a noise coming from the baby monitor. They paid more attention to the noise, and were amazed to hear what they did!

Their child had already been tucked in bed for an hour, but I guess she woke up again. It’s so heart warming to see the child’s private conversation with God. What makes this moment so precious is the innocence of her heart truly wishing the best for her loved ones. You can hear her private prayer in the video.

I would’ve thought that she would have asked for toys, or presents or something materialistic. For most people, it is hard to pray for something intangible and for others. Our somewhat selfish hearts are always on the lookout for what’s best for us. Yet this precious child asked nothing for herself, and only prayed for her mum, dad, grandma and her friends. In fact, her list is rather lengthy!

When was the last time we prayed or wished well for others before sleeping? I could take a page out of Sutton’s prayer book! Kudos to her parents, Kathryn and Caleb for raising such a thoughtful child! To be so young, (only two years old) and to be so selfless is amazing.

Did you watch the video? I was so touched by her heartfelt plea to God and I think I may do the same thing from now on. Loved the innocence of prayer and the pure heart of the child. Do you have any surprising stories of your kids at bedtime? Write in and tell us in the comments section below! We love hearing from you!