This Precocious Toddler Troubles This Stubborn Dog In The Most Hysterical Way. The Way the Father Reacts? I Am Cracking Up!

This is an all too real family moment, everyone gathered around to watch a fight. The pug is a social dog and generally very gentle. There must be an amazing amount of stress for this kindest kind of dog to go berserk! The mom and dad are both safely out of the arena. They fire up the popcorn and wait for the fight to ensue.

The tiny baby casually sits up in the dog’s bed. Oblivious to the word, this little baby laughs preciously at his parents waving. The lovable baby is simply tickled at all the goofy things silly mom and dad are doing. Throughout all the laughter emerges the aching family dog, anxious to get into bed. When this silly baby stops this patient pug, pandemonium ensues.

This sore pug has had a long day. He is tired and wants to go to sleep. He has a very important day of fetch ahead of him and this silly baby just does not care. Aggressively the dog bites into the bed, pulling it back and forth with his small tired jaws. The wee child is completely lackadaisical, unaffected by the exhausted pugs weakened attempts to sleep in his own bed.

The baby erupts into laughter thinking this is a game. Staring at both of his loving parents, the baby coo’s and reaches out. The dog yanks and yanks his heart out and nothing seems to be working! No matter how hard he tries, it is going nowhere. Almost defeated by this small bed owner, the pug contemplates sleeping where he can fit in.

He submits to the small child for the briefest of moments. Weighing his options carefully in his mind, the wide pup decides it is all or nothing. Quickly the pup takes the bed back up into his jaws. He pulls and twists with all of his might. The baby seems to wobble as the dog throws his all into it. The next part will blow your mind! What are your thoughts? We would love to hear them, just leave a comment below.

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