When I Found Out Why This Pregnant Boxer Refused To Give Birth To Her Pups, I Cried!

Giving birth is deemed to be a very special miracle of nature. However, everybody knows that it’s a very hard and exhausting process and no one can do it alone. It was a similar situation for this mama dog that was abandoned by her owners in the backyard while she was pregnant and close to giving birth.

Java, this pregnant boxer was found scared and starving in the backyard. She was pregnant and close to giving birth but for some reason she was holding back from giving birth. She is only 2 years old, so she must have been scared to go through labor alone and push her babies out in an unsafe environment. Fortunately she was rescued by a woman named Karen from LostPetFoundPet.org and after that series of angels helped Java in her difficult situation.

Will Java be able to safely deliver her babies? Will she be able to find a forever home? Let us know if you’d adopt a pet like Java! We’d love to hear from you!

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