Pregnant Dog Hold Out, Was Doing Her Best For Her Pups. 18 Hours Later, She Stuns Them All…

Storie was a pregnant female dog at the kennel where Chris and Mariesa found her and decided they couldn’t leave her. The incredible kindness of others is always amazing and leaves us feeling good. This couple already had a house full of big dogs keeping them busy. But they knew if Storie didn’t find a home soon, she and her 12 puppies would have a hard road ahead of them to survive in the shelter. So this generous couple made the decision to foster Storie so she would have a safe place to have her puppies.

When they got Storie home they arranged a comfortable spot for her to give birth and thought it might be a few days before she had the puppies. The entire household waited anxiously. But they didn’t have to wait long! Storie must have felt safe in her new home because she gave birth just hours after arriving at Chris and Mariesa’s home. Twelve puppies were delivered only 18 hours after she left the kennel. Amazing! She was waiting for a miracle and thanks to this couple, that’s what she got.

Two weeks later the puppies opened their eyes and let their personalities shine through. An additional 13 dogs might seem overwhelming to most of us, but Chris and Mariesa handled it like the two heroes they are.

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