They Rescued A Pregnant Dog But Were Stunned When One Became 13 Only A Few Hours Later


Chris and Mariesa just couldn’t abandon Storie; A female kennel dog that was pregnant. It is always uplifting to find out about the extreme kindness that humans can spare for others! These two already had their plate full with a group of big dogs waiting for them back at home. However, if Storie didn’t get adopted, she and her 12 puppies would have had to battle uphill all the way for survival. The couple decided that they would foster mom so that she would have a safe delivery.

Storie got her own comfy spot in Chris and Mariesa’s home, with the whole household expecting her labor along with her. They figured they’d meet the dozen puppies in a few days after Storie got acclimated to her foster home. But that night, something incredible happened. Just hours after Storie was removed from the county kennel, she went into labor. All 12 of her babies were delivered only 18 hours after she was rescued. Incredible! She was holding out for a miracle, and that’s exactly what she got, thanks to this amazing pair.

Within two weeks, the puppies started opening their eyes and showing the world their cute mugs and personalities. You’d think caring for an additional 13 dogs would be too chaotic to bear, but Chris and Mariesa handled it like pros.