Pregnant Donkey Was About To Give Birth, But Not Even Her Owner Was Expecting THIS To Happen!

Twins are very rare in donkeys – there are only a few pairs currently known on the entire planet. If a mother donkey does give birth to two little ones, one of them will most likely end up dying. But a farmer from Kerry, Ireland witnessed a miracle in 2013. Cormac Williams’ eight-year-old pet donkey, Tulip, had given birth to twin daughters, Snow and Flake. When he saw them, he could hardly believe it.

“It’s a once in a lifetime event that you get two live twins,” says Williams. Tulip was due to give birth around Christmas time. When the farmer went to check in on her on Christmas Day, he found not only one, but two healthy foals. Tulip was also born on the Williams’ farm itself, and she has been with him ever since.

Now it’s her daughters turn to run around on the 35-acre farm. Williams says donkeys are great as pets since they are gentle animals and have good temperaments. They have a reputation for being very stubborn, but the owner says they actually aren’t, especially Tulip. In this clip, you will see how well behaved she is, not to mention how curious she is about the camera.

These two little twin donkeys are just adorable. Their little white fluffy hair and perky ears are just too cute. Congratulations to Tulip on her two new additions.

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