Pregnant Donkey Was About To Give Birth, But Not Even Her Owner Was Expecting THIS To Happen

Twins are very rare in donkeys and any equine species. There are only a few pairs currently known on the entire planet. If a mother donkey does give birth to two little ones, one of them always ends up dying because she is not able to feed them both. But a farmer from Kerry, Ireland witnessed a miracle in 2013. Cormac Williams’ eight-year-old pet donkey, Tulip, had given birth to twin daughters, Snow and Flake.

“It’s a once in a lifetime event that you get two live twins,” says Williams. Tulip was due on Christmas Day. When the farmer went to check in on her, he found not only one, but two healthy foals. What a wonderful gift on Christmas! But could Tulip and Williams keep them both alive?

Tulip was also born on Williams’ farm itself, and she has been with him ever since. Now it’s her daughters turn to run around on the 35-acre farm. They both did indeed survive and are happy and healthy on the farm. Williams says donkeys are great as pets since they are gentle animals.

They sure are cute, aren’t they? They are gentle and great with kids. That’s another reason they make great pets. But in this case, Tulip makes a great mom, and she took care of her two little ones. I’m just glad Williams decided to share this story of this amazing birth.

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