Pregnant Giraffe Goes Into Labor. What The Camera Caught Next? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

The video below features an amazing moment captured at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The staff at the establishment were lucky enough to witness and capture the birth of their latest giraffe calf, Amahle. He started taking his first steps just moments after he was born and it is an absolute pleasure to watch him get the hang of standing.

When a baby giraffe is born, the mother stands for the entire birth. This means the baby has quite a long way to fall to the ground, head first. But there is a reason for this. When the baby falls to the ground, that impact starts his circulation and ensures that he starts breathing, so don’t feel sorry for this little guy when he hits the ground. It’s all part of what Mother Nature intended.

The video shows not only the first moments of Amahle’s birth, but also his delivery. You might find some parts of the video to be a bit graphic, but it is Mother Nature at her best. At the beginning of this clip, we see the calf’s head and neck have already come out. After that, the birthing process goes very fast.

Baby giraffes take less than an hour to stand up and take their first steps. Amazing, right, that they can get those long legs under control after less than an hour on the ground? This little guy tries many times to stand, with encouragement from mom. She knows he has to get up quickly.

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