Pregnant goat was struggling – until this amazing moment happened

As wonderful as it is to watch humans rescuing animals, so too is it just was wonderful to watch animals rescuing animals! This can come by any means and in many forms, from saving a creature from being swept away in a river torrent, to giving an injured animal a ride on your back, or helping another animal find food. On this occasion, however, it was assistance with a pregnancy. Whoever would have thought that a cat could be a midwife?!

But that’s exactly what Pretty Boy became when he decided to help a lonely goat through childbirth. With the animal just a few days from having her brood, the cat barely left her side to nurse her through her condition and make her as comfortable as possible! You have to see this footage for yourself to really believe it!

As Pretty Boy arrived on the scene, he immediately began to assist the goat by massaging her through her contractions. It’s astonishing to watch this male cat gently rub and caress the goat’s belly with his paws! Although not a female himself, it was almost second nature to him, and he understood exactly what was happening and wanted to help the goat as much as possible. It’s utterly adorable!

Day after day, Pretty Boy stayed by the goat’s side and helped in any way he could, sometimes massaging her belly, sometimes snuggling up to her, other times simply keeping her company when nobody else would. His care and dedication would put many humans to shame!

Sometime later, the goat gave birth to three, healthy babies, who all took an immediate shine to their mother’s unusual companion! Pretty Boy must have felt pretty pleased with himself after helping deliver the litter – and he certainly looks like he’s the cat with the cream as he plays with his new buddies!

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is one of the most heart-warming pieces of footage you could ever see, with many people joining in to comment how lovely it is and how awesome animals are. Some even believe that Pretty Boy deserves a special award for his actions – and we heartily agree. Maybe his owner can start by getting him a large saucer of goat’s milk?! Don’t miss this amazing video below, and make sure to share it with all your cat-loving family and friends!