Pregnant Kitty Throws Herself At Man’s Feet For Mercy. This Story Moved Me!

Sometimes you find an important part of your life and other times that part finds you. Take this video about how a cat found her new home by seeking out a kind-hearted person and throwing herself at his mercy. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, but it’s an amazing story with a lot of twists and turns but an ultimately happy ending. It seems like everything out there happens for a reason.

Suf Supiani had a pregnant homeless cat come running up to him as he put the garbage out. She was miserable and seemed to be seeking him out to help her. He put a bowl of water in front of her, and he said she was so dehydrated that she “submerged her head in the water first” before drinking it. Soon, the pregnant kitty was in his home and he had dubbed her Angelina.

Angelina gave birth to a kitten but the other one apparently had passed away in utero. She had to have emergency surgery to save her life, otherwise this sweet cat might have been the second casualty of the day. Fortunately, she survived and was on the mend. She was being a great mommy to her sole kitten. Hopefully, the two of them bonded for quite a long time in his home.

It’s sad that the kitten passed away, but at least Angelina survived. She loves Supiani so much that she constantly cuddles with him and seeks attention for pats on the head and rubbing on her belly. Her behavior is because she’s so grateful that he rescued her from possible death on the street – could you imagine if the pregnancy complication happened out there with no medical care? This ending is much better.

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