Pregnant mama cat comes to family’s door in hopes of a home

Stray cat

Charlie, a stray cat, was extremely terrified of humans or anything more significant than her in size. Finn and her family lived in a very rural area. One day, Charlie wandered into their yard. Finn and her family had to give Charlie more time to trust them. They would feed her regularly. Soon they could see a slight bulge near the stomach area, and they knew she was pregnant.

Mama cat

The kind woman was concerned for the cat. They had to make sure that she stayed healthy. However, Charlie’s attitude towards Finn and her family changed immediately after becoming pregnant. Finn thought Charlie knew that she was now dependent on them.

She changed her attitude towards the family as she knew she would stay around. Now, whenever Finn looked out of their door, she would find Charlie crawling up the screen door of their entrance.

Mama cat

Charlie knew she would be fed. So naturally, this made the animal very excited. But, unfortunately, winter was freezing the year Charlie was pregnant. So the poor would-be mama cat was found shivering on the porch one night. The family wanted to bring her in, but she wasn’t ready.

So, Finn needed to figure out a way to keep her warm. Thus, she set up this heat lamp to help the cat. After this, Charlie never left the warm place. Weeks passed, and then one day, Charlie finally let Finn pet her. She was delighted that she had gotten close to Charlie. However, a few days later, Finn saw that the cat had left. She and her family could not believe it.

Mama cat

For about 4 days, they were not sure where she was. Finally, on the 5th day, Charlie returned and waited for her food. The family watched out of their window to see where she went every day. Charlie walked around the backyard for a bit, and then she crawled under their porch. They knew that the mama cat had hidden her babies under it. After a few days, she finally emerged during the springtime.

The mama cat was playing with the kittens in the garden. Finn thought that the cat was an amazing mother. One of the kittens, Lucy, was not that feral. Finn’s fiancé fell in love with her, so they decided to adopt her. They decided to find new homes for the other kittens and officially named Charlie their garden cat, who could live happily outside for the rest of her life.

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