Pregnant mare about to be slaughtered gets last minute rescue

Hearing about animals in alarming or dangerous situations is saddening. But fortunately, there are several kind and helpful people who come forward to save these poor beings. One such organization that had dedicated itself to rescuing horses was Crossfire Equine Rescue in Texas.

Recently, the organization saved a pregnant mare named Fancy. The poor animal was about to be slaughtered for food, but she was rescued on time. Unfortunately, due to this, the horse was in constant fear of humans.

This was not a genuine concern for the rescuers, who immediately went to rescue her. Unfortunately, Fancy was pregnant when she went through this ordeal. Due to this, the horse lived in constant fear of humans.

Annie Shurtleff, the organization’s owner, and her staff dedicated themselves to helping the horse. Even if they had rescued Fancy from her terrible condition, the animal was scared of them.

The staff members did everything to gain the trust of the mare. They slept in the barn with Fancy and showed that they did not mean any harm. Gradually the horse started to warm up to the rescuers.

Soon the horse gave birth to a baby. The whole process of birth went smoothly. Fancy was grateful to the rescuers of the Crossfire Equine Rescue. The mare loved the baby a lot, and both spent much time together.

Fancy was a doting mom. Finally, she and her baby were adopted into happy families. Fancy found a human who knew how to be patient and was very kind to her. She could now enjoy her life without any stress about the outside world.

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Pregnant mare about to be slaughtered gets last minute rescue