Pregnant Michigan Woman Recently Gives Birth. I Couldn’t Believe How Many Total She Had.

There are times when it seems like my apartment is too loud. Why? I only have one kid, but he can be very exuberant at times. There are families that have five children or more. I would have to wear earplugs all the time if that were the case. Either that or build a soundproof office. Otherwise I would never be able to get anything finished. This family here, though, puts a lot of others to shame, size-wise.

You want to talk about large families? Jay and Kateri Schwandt, who hail from Michigan, have one. They have 13 children. That’s not a typo. 13. They must have a really big house or got really good deals on bunk beds. Jay is a work-at-home Dad, so he can be around to supervise them. I can imagine that there were times when he felt like a referee at a football game if arguments got too spirited.

They had their 13th child recently. The video is about their 12th. If you bet that they were going to finally have a girl… then you can rip up your betting slips. They welcomed Boy No. 13 to their family in 2015. What amazes me is that they haven’t had any reality show offers. Then again, their numbers still pale in comparison to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who have 19 kids. Also, the controversy surrounding that family might scare them off.

There are those who might scoff at these people having that many babies. It’s not like they are up front about their religious beliefs – they may follow the Duggars’ Quiverfull philosophy or they might just like large families. Personally, as an only child, I find these types of families unusual, but that’s because I have never experienced anything like this. As long as they can keep them clothed, fed and have a good home to stay in, I say go for it.

How would you feel about having so many siblings around you? Could you deal or would you want to go run into a room and lock yourself in there for a week to get peace and quiet? Do you have a lot of siblings?

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