Pregnant Mom Is Induced So Her Dying Husband Can Hold Her Baby Before He Parts

There are very few things that affect families more than a serious illness. Whenever a family member is diagnosed, all the family goes through a denial process. Normally, the family members try to get second and even third opinions. Although this is normal, the family needs to face the illness once all other resources have been exhausted.

Of all the serious illnesses, cancer is probably one of the most terrifying for people. Depending on the type and body part affected, a cancer diagnosis does not necessarily mean a death sentence. Many times, patients who receive treatment early on can recover and beat cancer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in all cases.

On the other hand, there is nothing that brings a family together faster than a new baby on its way. With a new baby come great hopes, plans, and expectations. For Diane, being pregnant brought a great deal of joy to her life. She already had kids but was expecting one more baby to make her life complete. Although this is great news for any family, in her case it came with a bittersweet taste.

Her husband has been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is one of the most common forms that exist and is one that takes more lives every year. His condition worsened when he was diagnosed with an additional pulmonary problem which makes it very difficult for the patient to breathe. Despite everything, Diane’s husband has been wanting to stay alive so he can hold his youngest daughter in his arms.

Diane decides on something that many people would question. She asks the doctors to induce her labor. Although her labor didn’t need to be induced, her family situation made it an almost necessary thing. She and her husband agree on it and her labor is induced. She gives birth to a beautiful and healthy daughter. Her room has been set up so that her husband’s bed is right next to hers.

Her husband eagerly waits for the baby to be placed in his arms. Doctors and nurses are not sure whether they are going to be able to do it on time. For Diane, this is her one last gift to her husband. Her husband has been a great father, a great husband, and an excellent life partner. She knows she owes him this much. Diane sees her husband’s vital signs start to fade. She places her baby on her husband’s bed and her husband’s eyes light up. The words he has for his daughter will melt your heart!