Pregnant mom passes out in bathroom. What 6-yr-old son does next leaves police amazed

Calling 911 when you have an emergency is something we sometimes take for granted. Most of us either have called or know someone who has called 911 to report an emergency. Some of us even go one step further and teach our family and kids on how to use it properly. (that is something that all of us should do.)

This is mandatory for children with parents or siblings that have a medical condition. How do you teach a child to do it? Many parents have started doing simple things like talking to their children about the importance of not using it for prank calls. There are cases where the dispatcher has sent medical o police attention to a house, only to find that no one really needs any assistance. Other cases are when teenagers send police raids to their online gaming opponents houses because they got angry at them while playing.

Avoiding prank calls is just one thing. We must instruct our kids to remain calm during their call. That sounds easier said than done. When they need to do something for the first time, children can get very nervous. This seems to happen almost every day in some cases. The fear of not knowing if they will act correctly or having someone’s life in their hands is overwhelming. Most of the times they are not prepared to handle it, so we need to help them get prepared.

Once we do this, the only thing left is teaching our kids to give the dispatcher clear, concise and helpful information. The dispatchers will be able to better assess the situation and send the right kind of emergency personnel to assist. When we do this, we will know that they will be prepared and confident about it.

Such a thing happened to Danielle Incroto and her son, Sawyer. Danielle has two different medical conditions which have caused her to pass out before. For her, teaching her son to call 911 was necessary. According to Danielle, Sawyer is very mature for his age as well as calm and collected. These features really came in handy one day.

Danielle is now 6 months pregnant. She suddenly falls in her bathroom and Sawyer hears her fall. He calmly calls 911 and tells the dispatcher what is going on, he then waits for the paramedics to arrive home. They arrive to find him patiently waiting for them with the phone in his hand. He takes them where his mother is. This calmness surprises paramedics so much, that they decide to do something extra special for him.