Pregnant Opossum Clings Gratefully To The Women Who Saved Her Babies After Being Attacked

Opossums are not known as the sweetest and cuddliest of animals. But when Judy Obregon saw one on the side of the road, she knew she had to stop. Watching an animal suffer is not in her makeup.

Obregon is the founder of The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger” animal rescue in Fort Worth, Texas. She focuses on rescuing dogs from an area in her town known for its dog fighting rings. But she’s an animal lover, of all species.

She sprang into action, getting out of her car to approach the opossum. When she drew near, she saw a trail of blood leading away from the animal to a stick in a nearby driveway. Her gut told her this wasn’t a hit and run kind of situation.

Up close, Obregon was also able to see that the opossum was a very pregnant mama. Obregon fished a tee shirt out of her car and wrapped the opossum up. From there she got on the phone with the DFW Wildlife Coalition, and got in touch with Tabatha, a wildlife rehabilitator that lived nearby.

As she waited for Tabatha, Obregon walked to her mother-in-law’s house a block away to grab a box in which to keep the opossum safe. Once she got the opossum in the box, she watched the delicate animal carefully until help arrived. Together, Obregon and Tabatha saved the opossum’s life. Even better, her babies came to term, as well!

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