Pregnant Staffordshire Terrier Goes Into Labor. I Wasn’t Ready For What Came Next!

Giving birth is excruciating. There’s the contractions, the pain, the breathing techniques. It can take a very long time. That’s just for one baby, too. Imagine those who have to deliver two or more. I think at one point, the mommy would just look at the doctor and say, “You know what? Cut me open, thanks.” Well, I say that as a man who would do the same thing if I were a woman in that position. Now think about that while watching this video of a doggie deliver more than 10 puppies.

Diva is a three-year-old Stafforshire Terrier. Joey is a 13-year-old Shepherd. Wow. A difference of 10 years. Well, in dog years, it’d be 70 years. This would be like a 91-year-old man dating a 21-year-year old girl. OK. Sorry to plant that image in your head. Anyways, Diva got pregnant by Joey and was waiting to have babies. Its’s obvious in the video that she is VERY pregnant… this is not going to be easy. Then the labor begins.

It’s actually fascinating to watch. Diva is not used to giving birth and panics when the first puppy came out. She actually sits down and it’s only the quick thinking of her mommy that saves the puppy – she makes Diva stand up again and the puppy comes out in what looks like a plastic sac. Diva’s mommy rips it open to reveal a puppy. Each puppy starts suckling on Diva’s teat. The mommy pooch gets tired and needs help – her mommy hand-delivers more. There are 13 in all and they are all healthy.

Sure, these newborn puppies were all slimy and wet when they came out of their mother’s womb. So were you when you were born. It’s a part of life. These puppies were adorable the second they were cleaned up and they’ll continue to be adorable for a very long time after that. Diva deserves a lot of credit too, pushing 13 of these puppies out in a sitting. I mean, you thought pushing eight babies was tough on a woman – imagine if the doctor told them, “There’s five more.” I think we’d hear their screams in another state.

What did you think? Have you ever watch a live birth? It’s amazing. Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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