Pregnant Wife Of Marine Goes Into Labor During His Homecoming

Marc Wythes was deployed overseas when his wife Katrina was 3 months pregnant. The couple joked about her going into labor on the day of his homecoming, but it ended up happening. Katrina went into labor during the homecoming celebration. Marc got home from his tour of duty in time to meet his new daughter.

Katrina Wythes was a mother and wife to a marine who was serving overseas. Before her second child was born, however, daddy was returning from deployment. Katrina went into labor 10 days before her due date. It was that day her husband was due home, and Katrina went into labor during his homecoming.

The family rushed to the hospital, and little Julianna was born several hours later. It’s almost as if the baby waited for her daddy to come home before entering the world. She might not have met him yet, but she was already very excited and couldn’t wait to see him.