Pregnant Woman In Bikini Stands In Yard, The Video Her Husband Took Was Seen By Millions

Pregnancy timelapse videos are cool to watch. It’s amazing the changes that a woman’s body goes through to be able to nourish the life that is growing inside her. Certain things grow along with her stomach so that she’ll be able to feed her baby once he or she is born. Yes, I’m talking about breasts. Let’s just move on. This video, which was made by Farris and Jimmy Patton, a couple who have their own YouTube show, is fascinating to watch.

The video starts with Farris holding her pregnant belly and talking about looking forward to meeting her baby. Then it rewinds to Week No. 4. Every successive take, she holds up a sign saying what week it is and she measures her belly with a tape measure. At first, she looks extremely fit. She also wears the same bikini in each shot. Not much change is happening for the first 19 or so weeks.

Farris starts showing signs of pregnancy around Week 20. Before that, her taut belly was getting softer, but the rounding is really prominent after the 20th week. After that, it gets larger and rounder. Her smile and spirited demeanor never fades, though. Week after week, her body is getting ready for birth. Then… week 40 happens. She has her baby and then we see a flatter stomach. She then holds her baby and smiles for the camera as the two cuddle as the video ends.

What an amazing video. I saw this progression with my wife, though not encapsulated in a four-minute video. It’s just awe-inspiring knowing that a life is incubating in her belly. Of course, we don’t know about the mood swings that Farris may have gone through behind the scenes. There may have been some days when she wanted to chuck the camera at Jimmy. Who knows? But we are enthralled with the final product.

Have you seen any better pregnancy videos than this? Well, any better than the one made by Osher and Timor that we wrote about before? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments section below!

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