Pregnant Woman Goes For Ultrasound. What She Learned From The Tech Blew Me Away.

Going in for your first ultrasound after you’ve learned you’re pregnant can be nerve-wracking. You are now harboring another life and you want to get the best news possible. I know that when my wife and I went for hers, we were both holding our breaths until we saw that sweet signal – a steady heartbeat. It’s hard to believe that little lump there is going to turn into a person. Some people, like Monica Price, who we see in this video, get an additional surprise.

We see Monica laying in the exam room, awaiting an ultrasound. Her husband is in there, filming this with his camera. The only annoying thing is that people still haven’t learned that horizontal filming is better than vertical on cell phones. Then the tech starts and Monica watches the screen intently. Something catches her eye. It’s one of the Xenomorphs from “Alien!” Just kidding… she sees not one but two heartbeats. Twins!

Within seconds she is beside herself with emotion. Apparently, she’s had an intuition that she will be having twins. This is very early in the pregnancy, too: Nine weeks and four days. She was correct! Perhaps she should consider buying lottery tickets since her instincts are so good. Maybe she could also tell who will win what sporting events in the near future. Hey, if you’ve got the skills, use them.

One wonders how happy Monica will be in the future when she’s trying to get two cranky twins to fall asleep… or if one twin falls asleep and then the other wakes him or her up crying. Sleep will be in very short supply over the next couple of years. It’s too bad that humans can’t stock up on sleep. That is one thing that we all need to evolve. Science needs to get working on that. Until then, Monica can revel in being a mother to twins.

I wonder if it takes a parent to really comprehend the feelings that

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