“Princess” Pup Refuses To Get Out Of Bed, Almost Too Cute For Words

We’ve heard of many different princesses throughout our lifespan. Whether it be the many, various princesses from the wonderful creators at Disney or all the actual princesses such as Diana. They have a sense of being in a transitionary role, from Princess to one day Queen. Yet, as most of us have seen through Disney and the likes, they are a bit rough around the edges, and in some cases, can be quite unruly and a little unrefined. They may be a bit picky as well and not exactly full of care when it comes to waking up at a precise time. We all have these tendencies, it’s not only princesses who don’t want to get out of the warmth and comfort of their bed. Yet, we see one princess, who at the inconvenience of another, made her late by her refusal to do one simple task. To get out from under the covers and out of bed.

As she adorns her various robes and hooded veils it appears the wide-eyed Pit simply doesn’t care for the plight of mom. She casually makes a very slow, and comfortable approach towards waking up. When she finally is upright she licks her lips and stares with the eyes of someone who simply doesn’t know what to say or do. Not panicked, the look in her eyes almost says, “That’s super neat, have fun at work. I’m going to be busy with my cucumber sandwiches cut into neat triangles, carried only on the finest silver, for the tea party I happen to be hosting in the later noon.” Simply hysterical!

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