The principal gives some strangers the keys to the gym and comes back to see this!

John F. Miller School is one of the most important educational institutions that serve disabled children in the city of Las Vegas. This does not mean they have deep pockets, but they do everything they can to make sure that the children can still learn together. Students who study here go from three years old to 22. Most of the children need a wheelchair to get around, there are quite a few other disabilities that patients have here.

The parents of the children who go to this school have a huge responsibility. For starters, they are responsible for the medical bills that their children need to be paid, but they also need to consider the tuition bills that the school has established. The principal knows about the parents’ sacrifice and when times comes for graduation, they are not quite sure how many of the children will actually be at the ceremony.

In the meantime, the faculty staff keep working with the students and are actually very proud of them and the children’s parents are the proudest of them all. They realize that all their sacrifices have been worth it. This is an outstanding milestone for everyone to have reached. It has served as a testimony that there are no boundaries that can keep anyone from reaching their dreams.

Even though the school would like to throw out a great celebration once graduation comes, the school’s budget does not always allow for that. This is when the Fox 5 Surprise Squad comes in. They learned that the school was going through some money problems and that they would probably be able to only afford a few balloons. The principal allowed the Squad to work overnight in the school’s gym, so they could work their magic and turn the gym into the beautiful ceremonial space it needs to be. Let me say that these volunteers did some excellent work.

The Surprise Squad needed to go deep into their pockets for this one. They gathered the best talent including a bunch of event planners and the station’s on-air talent. Thanks to all these people’s efforts, the managed to create an event area that would wow both students and their parents. When the event planners were asked about what they got out of it, they said that it was all about the children’s faces when they saw the result.

The Surprise Squad has changed many people’s lives and we can all do. Just by nominating a person you think needs a helping hand we can make good things happen to good people. If you want to check out this amazing surprise just click on the video!