Principal sees “inappropriate” outfit on honors student, then does the unthinkable

Dress codes in schools have started to become controversial lately. I remember a video that I say about two weeks ago of a kindergarten student. He was not allowed in on his very first day of school. The reason, his hair was too long for the school’s dress code. Times are changing and now more than ever, people all around are starting to become more tolerant of other people’s differences. The days that you had to dress a certain way of cut your hair in a certain style are becoming part of history. This is a time when we should embrace our differences and celebrate what makes us unique.

The following video is also about dress code and how far some people will go to ensure absolute adherence to every aspect of it. This time, it’s a high school in Harrisburg, North Carolina. An honor student found out the hard way that this school doesn’t mess around when it comes to their strict dress code. Students are expected to obey their dress code, if they don’t, they could find themselves missing graduation.

The school’s name is Hickory Ridge High School. And that’s exactly what happened to one senior honor roll student named Summer. The problem was a particular shirt. As a result of breaking the school’s dress code, she was suspended for 10 days and held back from any student activities. This would include her own graduation!

This wasn’t the first time the school had taken harsh action against students. This very year, Hickory Ridge sent 45 students to the principal’s office simply for wearing leggings with shirts. The problem was that the shirts weren’t considered “long enough.”

When the school staff saw that Summer was violating their dress code, they let her know. Summer admitted she had made a mistake and proceeded to cover herself up. Despite this, she was issued a 10-day suspension. Summer said to a local news station: “I completely understand why a dress code is put into place, but I feel like after I put on that jacket it should have been subdued.”

At this point you should be asking yourself, what could be so wrong about that shirt that it caused her such punishment? Summer’s shirt was slightly off the shoulders, her back was exposed as well. She was told to cover herself up, she refused initially, saying that her shirt was perfectly fine. When a friend saw this, she offered Summer a jacket, she agreed and put it on. She zipped it all the way up to cover her shoulders and back. This, however, wouldn’t be enough to save her from disciplinary action. What the school did next shocked everyone.