This Professional Pianist Performed A Show Just For This Elephants, And They’re Enchanted By It!

As we’ve shown you before in several instances, animals can be huge fans of music, and enjoy it just like any person would. But there’s one particular animal that keeps showing up with their incredible musical skill. Elephants have proven to be very intelligent and complex creatures, and they seem to have quite the fondness for music. In the video we put just for you below, you can see a majestic elephant getting entranced by a pianist who was performing in his reservoir for all the elephants there. One particular friend seems to be especially fond of the sweet music!

He goes by the name of Samson, and he does something amazing that you’d never expect from such a giant creature. After getting so excited from the music, he started playing along with the musician himself! What’s even more shocking is that the elephant had no previous training of this feat whatsoever, and this curious moment shocked even the specialized caretakers that work in the facility. He obviously enjoys music and the piano sound very deeply, and he’s not shy to show it!

Watch his impressive skill for yourself in the video just below!

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