Professional Writer Goes To Ireland For A Family Matter. An Incredible Mystery Follows!

“Murder, She Wrote” was a popular show that had a 12-year run. When the network decided to cancel it after the 1996 season, there was quite an uproar. This was a show that many senior citizens enjoyed, since its heroine was one herself. This wasn’t a show that played up toned, taut bodies and sex appeal. There were no fight scenes and the protagonist thought things through and didn’t act rashly. This is the final TV movie, which was aired in 2003.

We see Jessica Fletcher, the show’s heroine, played by the stellar… and seemingly ageless… Angela Lansbury, go to Ireland to sort out a will. This seems like it was shot by the Ireland Tourist Board, since there are many scenes that show the country’s beautiful countryside, castles and other sights. I’m sure that there were quite a few viewers who arranged for trips there after this.

Of course, since “Murder” is in the title of the show… that’s what happens. Some of the people wind up dying under mysterious circumstances. There’s a murderer out there. Then again, had the Irish people known that people usually get killed wherever Fletcher goes, they all would have run into whatever “Panic Room”-style underground bunker they had and not left until she boarded a plane back to the United States.

The thing that I always liked about Fletcher was that she was an ordinary person. She didn’t have these near-mystical powers of deduction that, say, Sherlock Holmes did. What she did have was an abundance of common sense, and that’s what helped her ultimately suss out who was behind these murders. The show was also not grimy, with up-close shots of crime scenes of nasty deaths. It would be great to have this sort of show back, wouldn’t it?

There are plenty of good shows on TV now, but it just feels like they are a grittier sort that is aimed at a different crowd than those who would enjoy fare like this. What do you think? Leave a comment below. You can also “Like” us on Facebook, if you wish.

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