This Is PROOF That All Cats Have Superpowers. #7 Is AMAZING!

You must already know that there are countless reasons why cats are amazing. But do you really know all of their hidden super-powers? Not everyone’s aware of it, because cats make sure to hide them and only use them when it’s explicitly necessary, but cats do have quite a few incredible powers. Don’t believe me? You should look no further than the video below for proof of these amazing claims.

The hilarious clip presented under here shows two cats, Cole and Marmalade, as they demonstrate only 10 of the many special abilities that our house feline friends possess. Some of the superpowers include: Super-speed, High jumping, super-strength, elasticity, seeing into alternate dimensions, super-hearing, psychic powers, teleportation, invisibility, and flying. I’d never seen such an amazing display of dexterity!

My favorite one of theirs is elasticity. I’m cat lover myself, and throughout the years I had noticed that’s my cats seemed to have a particular “liquid” property to them… A cat’s ability to fit whatever container they find themselves in, no matter what shape or size, is frankly astonishing. And mind control? That sounds just preposterous, but cat owners world-wide will understand…

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