This Protective Dog Doesn’t Want Her Brother To Drown And Steps In To Save Him

Dogs are one of the most faithful creatures on this planet. They love their families and friends and they will do almost anything to protect them from harm. Exhibit A in this clip is Jager, the Bulldog. This adorable dog in the clip plays lifeguard and goes in the water to save other dogs from drowning, whether they need saving or not. He’s clearly not afraid of the water and is an accomplished swimmer, but he doesn’t seem to think anyone else should be in the water, but not because he doesn’t like to share, but because he thinks they need to be rescued.

Jager’s brother wanted to take a swim. To protect him, his owner put a life vest made especially for dogs on him. But when his protective sister saw him, she just wouldn’t let him go into the pool. Jager must have had some bad experience with the pool at one time, or maybe she saw someone else have a bad experience, but whatever the reason,  she looks really stubborn about not letting her brother into the water, doesn’t she? But she makes a really adorable lifeguard! I don’t think most people consider a bulldog to be a good candidate for a lifeguard, but this one sure seems to understand the job of protecting loved ones in the pool.

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