Protective elephant herd stops to check on youngest who just took a tumble.

elephant herd

A herd of elephants shows how protective they are of their youngest one, Khanyisa. She was an orphaned elephant who joined the herd, and her bond with them continues to grow.

Some of the names of the other elephants are Bubi, Somopane, Limpopo, Klaseries, and Setombe. While they are walking, Khanyisa follows the older elephants with Somopane as the lead.

The sky is lit a bright orange by the setting sun. Khanyisa stumbles over her feet and falls gently onto the sand. The entire herd stops to make sure she is okay.

elephant herd

The adults near her help her stand up, and after she gets up, she continues walking like nothing happened. Khanyisa trips again, and Limpopo, Klaseries, and Setombe use their trunks to pick her up.

All of the elephants keep a watchful eye on Khanyisa. She is young, playful, and curious. They constantly check in on her to make sure she is alert in case of any predators around.

When Khanyisa tries to lie down on the sand to play and rest, the adults make her stand back up. Khanyisa uses her feet, trunk, and mouth to loosen the ground to grab some food.

Birds around them chirp, and in the distance, there are zebras grazing. The herd stops to forage for more food, and Khanyisa takes this opportunity to lay down on the sand once again.

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