Proud Father Sings Original Song With Video For Daddy-Daughter Dance

Kayla’s Wedding Song By Robert Davis

Kayla’s Wedding Song By Robert DavisThis loving father surprises everyone with a well thought out wedding song that he wrote himself. Robert Davis’ track comes with a touching video montage carrying a treasure trove of memorable moments from across the life of the new bride. With dad singing an original composition of pure love, it’ll be hard to hold back the tears.

Here’s a father who has outdone himself with a daddy-daughter dance that no one will forget. It’s such a unique, heartfelt idea, backed by a powerful performance and masterful lyricism. You can feel, hear, and see the connection between dad and his beloved daughter.

Following a country theme, this beautiful song carries immense meaning in each word. If it is so touching to all of us, one can only imagine how much emotion the young bride is feeling on her big day. With the joy of marriage and an unexpected showing of feeling like this, her future is truly set for the best.

There are few other examples that stand as a testament to a father’s love for his daughter. Anyone who is familiar with this bond will easily be brought to tears. Robert has used a soundtrack by Jeff Bohannon while singing lyrics that are some of the finest examples of songwriting we’ve ever seen from a non-artist.

Father of the bride, Robert Davis, has clearly anticipated letting go of his little girl for quite some time. The very special song entitled ‘My Name Is’ written for his daughter Kayla is the best example of a father’s love imaginable, and a great alternative to a conventional daddy-daughter dance. What a wonderful gift this grand gesture is!

Proud Father Sings Original Song With Video For Daddy-Daughter Dance