Puffy Cheeked Thief Is Caught by Compassionate Owner! When the Reluctant Thief Does This! Hahaha!

Finding out that animals are stealing stuff is aggravating, no matter how cute the animal. Yes, a raccoon looks adorable when perched on your garbage, but ripping the bag open and making a mess… not so cute. Also, the whole possibly infecting you with rabies if it bites you thing. A man in California was having chipmunks steal bird feed from his feeder. Which then makes it hard for the birds themselves to eat… So, he set about trying to catch one in the act. This video shows just that.

We start off from the man’s point of view as he sneaks up on the bird feeder. The chipmunk is sitting there, at first unaware that he has company. Then he freezes as he sees the man, his giant pouches full of feed. There’s a moment where it seems to contemplate courses of action, which may include teleporting somewhere. The man says something and the chipmunk’s reaction had me rolling on the floor.

What did the chipmunk do? He spits out all the feed back onto the feeder. Every little bit. He then turned tail and ran. I was surprised that this wasn’t an out-take from one of the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movies. If the camera had turned around to show Jason Lee, it would have elicited a shrug from me. This being from real life is so much better. I wonder if the little critter knows that he’s Internet famous now?

There are two possible reasons why the chipmunk did this. The first is that he could have thought that the man was going to grab him, so he made himself as light as possible so that he could scamper away. The other is that he realized that he was stealing this man’s property, so it was his way of saying, “My bad. Here you go. Can we let this go? OK, Bye!” I just wonder if a bird landed soon thereafter, looked at the feeder and said, “GROSS, man! I am NOT eating here until this is cleaned up. NASTY!”

Wasn’t the chipmunk adorable? I thought so. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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