Pug Is Asked If He Wants To Go Outside. You Will Not Believe What He Did Next!

You don’t need to be a dog parent to know it—pups love being in the outdoors. Be it for playing in the sun or just for walking around exploring, there’s few things that dogs love more than enjoying their freedom. The adorable pug featured in the video below shows us a perfect example of that. He’s been aptly named “Doug the pug”, and his fashionable flannel look will enchant you instantly. He shows us that there’s no type of rain or storm that can stop him from having fun outside. Wait till you see him!

Most people associate rainy days with staying inside, cuddling up and watching movies, but this adventurous pug thinks otherwise. He’s very excited about going for a walk, even in this weather, and he loves to roll in the grass, smell the flowers that are around, and watch the vehicles that pass by in the street. Talk about being outdoorsy! Not only is he stylish and cute, he’s also very enthusiastic and outgoing, he’ll definitely make you love him!

Don’t miss this remarkable pug’s video we put just below. Do you know any dogs that are like that? Tell us your stories in the comments under the video!

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