This Baby Is Playing With The Family Pug, But When The Little Pup Did THIS?! OMG! Too Cute!

The pug runs past the baby with his toy and the baby plays a little tug of war with it. Until the pug grabs the toy and then jogs past him to another part of the room.

The baby then tries to crawl up next to the pug and get the toy back! This is one of the best little videos that you could ever watch. The baby is cute, the pug is cute and they are definitely the best of friends. The pug likes to have the baby chase him wherever he goes, and the baby happily does just that, just to get the toy that the pug is holding.

Do you have a dog that would do this with your little ones? Isn’t this video one of the cutest ones you’ve ever seen out there? It is one that makes you stop and wonder just how much dogs love the little ones that they come across, and how they know to be gentle around them.