This Pug Is About To Meet His New Friends, But Watch His Reaction When He Sees Them

The best part about having a dog friend with you at home is that, once you satisfy their basic needs of food, shelter, and cuddles, they ask for practically nothing more. Playtimes and walks in the park are always welcome, and cuddling together and napping is something that they always appreciate, but truly there’s very little that they need to be happy and healthy. That said, it is still important to meet their needs and take care of them as responsible pet owners.

If you spend too long without giving them any attention or taking them to the places where they like to hang out, you might find yourself in a little bit of a pickle. Some dogs are determined to show that they like certain things, and they are not shy to demand them in the very least! The dog in the video below is trying a new way to take out all that extra energy that dogs sometimes build up.

His owners thought of a clever way of keeping their cute black pug entertained, and while I’m not certain if the dog always enjoys it, it surely makes for a funny situation! Nao, as the pug is called, is very confused by his new friends on the tablet, but she seems to like it enough to enjoy it at least for a while.

Watch how this pug likes to play with his tablet in the clip right below and if you find it as amusing as I do, please share it with your friends and family.

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