Pug Mix Finds Perfect Way to Beat Summer Heat! When You See His Face! Priceless.

We all want to find the best way to relax, particularly on a really hot summer day. You can go out and lay by a pool, but you have to contend with possibly getting sunburned. There’s always the option of going inside to an air-conditioned house, but if you’ve been exercising, you could wind up with stiff muscles since the cold air might tighten them. What do you do? Why not follow the lead of this dog named Cuzzie and go sit in a hot tub.

Now, I don’t know if Cuzzie was named this for his propensity for climbing into the jacuzzi, but it’s a pretty safe bet. He likes to sit in the tub the same way humans do, leaning his back against the wall and letting the jet stream hit him. It’s a pretty funny sight to watch as he’s in there. You almost expect him to look at the camera and say, “Hey! YOU try digging up bones all day and not get sore.”

Animals find all kinds of ways to stay cool when the temperatures soar. Some park themselves right by the air conditioner. Others, like one of my cats, stretches himself really long and hugs the wall. The other one parks herself under our bed. Cuzzie, though, takes the cake. He looks like he’s having so much fun in this hot tub too. He even leans his head back several times like, “Oooh yeah. That hits the spot. SO GOOD!”

Hot tubs are great if you need to unwind. Of course, with a dog like this, someone needs to be present at all times to monitor the heat level of the water. The last thing any family member wants to find is a boiled pooch. One thought though: If they ever make a “Hot Tub Time Machine 3,” Hollywood needs to get in touch with Cuzzie, pronto.

I couldn’t get enough of this video. It made me want to go out and get my own hot tub. Then, I realized that it wouldn’t fit in my apartment. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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