This Pug Puppy Wants To Play With His Sleeping Friend. And He Ain’t The Patient Kind! LOL

Having a pet can make you feel much happier and safe. The company they provide is simply impossible to match. However, they can sometimes be a little bit too eager to spend time with you. As any dog or cat owner knows, there’s no better natural alarm clock than a furry buddy who wants some attention, or something to eat! They can be very creative with their method, too. From licking your face, or stepping on you, to just flat out shaking you until you respond.

Below, in the video that we featured, we see a very persistent little pup who really, really wants to hang out with his human friend, and he isn’t down for waiting for one more second! You can see him jump to his friend’s bed to help him wake up first in the morning. He has a very direct approach to it, too, and he isn’t afraid to be straightforward when it comes to getting some love! I’d tell you more about how he wakes him up, but words just cannot describe it. See for yourself in the clip!

You can watch it right below. Would you like an alarm clock like this to wake you up? I wouldn’t mind! Share your thoughts with us in the comment section under the video.

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