Pug Says Her New Toy Is “OFF LIMITS” — Better Believe It! (Keep Your Eye On The Kitty)

The owners of this super cute pug, Maggie, just bought her a brand new pink toy. Maggie absolutely loves it. Problem is, she won’t let anyone touch it! It’s her toy and you don’t get to play with it! Just watch her priceless reactions in the video.

That look she gives when the hand approaches the toy is where the money is at! “Stay away from my toy,” she says. She’ll even sneeze on your hand until you get the message.

The best part is that the super fluffy cat in the background is just chilling, lying on the floor, casually watching Maggie fret over her toy. Zen cat!

WATCH the video below and let us know what you thought. Just use the handy comment box and tell us what you think!

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