She Pulled Out Her Camera When She Saw What Her Baby And Her Dog Were Doing! Adorable!

I am sure you haven’t seen anything quite like this before. We have all seen videos showing little babies trying their hardest to talk. And we have also seen videos showing huskies trying their hardest to talk. But when you put these two enigmas together? HILARIOUS!

Huskies are known to be very vocal and they make sounds that sounds like words to us sometimes. When this little baby started talking to his dog, I was amazed at how the dog replied! It looks like these two are having a conversation about their next day out or something! This was very funny and I really wasn’t expecting to something like that when the video started!

This little baby clearly loves this husky, but the husky is watching whoever is filming this clip. The only way I can tell that the dog knows the baby is there is that it does indeed seem like the dog is talking to or imitating the baby. Or maybe the baby is imitating the dog? Whichever it is, at over 31 million views, it is clear people enjoy watching these two.

There is some discussion in the comments about who the owner of the video is, but it seems the owner must not really care that the clip is posted here. No one is trying to make money. It’s just a dog and tiny human  having a conversation.

Watch these adorable friends in the video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!