Sweet Dog Won’t Stop Hugging Dad After Grueling Surgery

Dogs are probably the most affectionate of creatures, and when they show you just how much they love you – it can be a very special moment indeed. The bond created between a human and his or her pooch lasts a lifetime through thick and thin, ups and downs, and everything in between. It can be especially heart-breaking if we see our beloved animals go through difficult times, but it just cements our love for them even more.

This touching video is just one of the millions of examples of how close we can become with our four-legged friends, and how much they grant us their unconditional love. How anyone could harm such creatures is beyond us, but nonetheless, there are those out there who still insist on using and abusing these devoted, loyal, and loving animals. But this pooch doesn’t have to worry about them – he’s clearly found the best human in the world.


After having surgery to remove a lump on his neck, this Golden Retriever missed his daddy so much, that it clearly shows in the reunion captured in the video below. The poor thing might have been lost, lonely and confused, unsure that what was happening was meant to save his life – but being apart from his human in the meantime would have been the worst part.

When the two are reunited – it’s one of the most emotional and touching videos you’re ever likely to see. “Absolute love and trust,” comments one YouTuber, adding a significant number of ‘heart’ emojis in support. “So emotional,” mentions another – and they’re not wrong at all. You might need to keep the tissues handy on this one – especially when you see the look on the Lab’s face – as if to say – “don’t ever leave me again, daddy!”


The camera pans round to show the work that the surgeons would recently have done on this adorable dog’s neck, and you can clearly see where they have removed the lump. As sore as it might look right now, the pooch is going to make a full recovery thanks to those unsung veterinarian heroes that keep our family pets with us for as long as possible.

We all know that one day, our pets won’t be there – but it’s nice to know there are people dedicated to our family pet’s quality of life while they’re with us. You only have to watch this short clip to know just how much that means to this pair. Someone, please pass the tissues!


Sweet Dog Won\'t Stop Hugging Dad After Grueling Surgery