Pup Takes A Deep Nap In His “Swimming Pool”. But When He Started Snoring, He Stole My Heart! Aww!

Summer is all about relaxing and taking naps and spending time by the poolside. And this hilarious pooch knows exactly what he is doing on a hot summer’s day. Dogs have this ability to crack you up with their ridiculous antics, and this little pug is no exception. Wait till you see what he does in this funny clip.

This puppy is relaxing on a bucket of water, and though it is a bit small for him to play in, it serves well as a place to take a nap. So the pug puts n his sunglasses, closes his eyes, and goes to sleep. But the hilarity doesn’t end there. The little guy then starts to snore and fart in his sleep. He doesn’t have a single care in the world.

Pup Takes A Deep Nap In His \