A Pup Was Trapped Inside THIS Pipe. What Do These Officers Do To Rescue Him? Whoa!

The internet has brought us many wonderful animal rescue videos which are both tear-jerking and heart-warming. This video is one of them. It features a Michigan Humane Society Officer Chris responding to a rescue call and the dramatic situation that unfolds in front of the camera.

Chris went to the site as soon as he was informed about the newborn pup who accidently fell to the drain pipe last night. The mother cried the whole night as she listened to her baby crying from the drain pipe. Chris and his team could hear the screams from the poor pup, but they couldn’t see him. Then, they decided to dig up the place to rescue the pup.

Watch this dramatic rescue in the video. Will they be able to rescue this poor pup? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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