The Pup Tried To Kiss His Cat Friend, But The Way He Reacted? Hilarious!

One of the best things that I’ve found out while living with pets is that they adopt certain human actions as if they were their own. Animals can imitate what they see their human friends do, sometimes without understanding the purpose, and it’s completely hilarious. When you have more than one pet living together, they both adapt to the house each in their own way, and it can bring to sibling conflicts that are almost too human-like.

In the following clip, you’ll see a dog and a cat having a little bit of a fight inside of their home. As we’ve all heard countless times before, cats and dogs are known for their… tense relationship. They just have very different ways of life, and sometimes they don’t cooperate all that much. We’ve seen adorable cases of cats and dogs getting along just fine, but this video showcases something a bit different.

It’s a compilation video of many different dogs trying to play with their feline siblings, to many different results. Maybe they don’t always get along perfectly, but something is for certain: cats and dogs are certainly the most fun friends you can have!

Watch these hilarious clips right below.

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