Those Puppies Are Looking For Their Mom. Now Watch Their Reaction When They Finally See Her!

You could be a human or a four-legged animal, but the love a mom has for her kids is unbeatable all the same. When her children are around, a mother never gets to rest easy. One thing or the other always seems to come up. The following video displays that very fact. It features a pack of adorable husky puppies playing with their gorgeous mother.

The puppies are bouncy and energetic, and their mom is watching over them with a sharp eye. She runs and jumps and her pups try to copy her. But, of course, their mama is faster. She has ample time to come and sit down on the couch, while the little tykes are still sliding around gracelessly on the hard wood floor.

This mama sure does have a lot of energy for a dog that is raising six puppies! The puppies are very active, and at an age where it is important for them to learn certain skills. I think that’s what their mother is trying to teach them by running, jumping, and even twirling in circles on the couch.

The puppies get their exercise while they chase mom, and they are learning skills like jumping, although they are not quite ready to jump on the couch, which I’m sure their human owner is grateful for! Mama is really giving that couch a workout! What a cute little video!

Watch this cute video below and don’t forget to let us know your how you felt about it in the comments section!