These Puppies Are Playing With Their Mom. Now Watch Her Reaction When They Try To Keep Up With Her!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a human being or an animal, the love and devotion a mother has for her children is profound all the same. When her kids are around, there is no such mom that can relax. There is always something that prevents them from having a rest. The video below can serve as a proof. It shows a pack of cute husky puppies playing with their adorable mother.

These puppies are very energetic and active, so their mom keeps an eye on them. She runs into and out of the room, jumps constantly and plays with her kids. And these wonderful pups are trying to copy her, but their mother is faster, agiler and more nimble. Thus, she has enough time to come and sit down on the couch, while her puppies are still sliding around on the hard wood floor and trying to keep up with her. What a lovely video!

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