A puppy was almost devoured by a coyote but gets rescued by a furry hero!

We have been able to witness many stories of bravery by the most unlikely of heroes thanks to cameras that have been placed to register everything as it unfolds. But what about all those places where there are no cameras? Some of these acts are simply not known to the general public. When this happens, it is as if they never even happened.

The next story features a very unlikely hero. It was at a remote location where the owner of the property decided to install video cameras for his own protection. You see, some time ago there started to be news about a gang who was stealing things from nearby ranches. And the thieves were after anything that could be sold. Initially, they targeted trucks who had parked outside of these properties but soon were taking anything of value.

At times, these things of value were animals. If they could carry an animal and hop him into a truck in less than 15 seconds, then it was good enough for them. They operated in the area for about a year. Operating in different counties enabled them to go undetected for a while. A group of ranchers got together and formed groups who would work together to find these thieves.

One of the suggestions that came up in these meetings was the installation of cameras in and around the properties. If they could at least get a make and model of the trucks or even a license plate, they would be that much closer to catching these guys. That initiative gave fruits as it was not long until that group of thieves was captured.

After the criminals were caught and the robberies stopped, the ranchers decided to keep the cameras. Some of them had continued to experience the loss of some of their animals and were blaming wild predators such as the coyote for their disappearance. Coyotes roamed freely in that area, and if you looked at the grass closely, you could even see them trying to hide.

One day, a camera outside one of the properties recorded something extraordinary. A puppy was outside the home taking in a little sun and playing in the grass when a coyote is seen rushing towards him. The coyote grabs the puppy from the neck and rushed back to the tall grass behind him. That’s when an unlikely hero rushes to the rescue. Who was this mystery animal? Click on the video to find out!