This Puppy Was Badly Injured When He Was Rescued. His Transformation Will Warm Your Heart!

Life in the streets can be very, very cruel. The video we brought to you today features the touching story of two pups who were rescued from this kind of life, and it’s heartbreaking. A poor puppy was rescued when he was only 10 weeks old, and after such a short life, he had already been through too much. Maverick, as the adorable puppy was named, had a broken hip, along with other injuries. He and her sister were rescued and taken to Vet Ranch, an animal center that works very hard to give stray and neglected animals another chance at a happy life.

God knows what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been rescued that day. Luckily, there are institutions like this full of very hardworking and selfless people, who give their very best in order to make a better world for mistreated animals. As you can see by the end of the video, Maverick and her sister were able to recover, and they’re now happy dogs waiting for a forever home to live in. Stories like this always bring a big smile to my face!

Some images in the video below can be shocking to sensible audiences.

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