He Fetches, Shakes Hands, Likes To Go For Walks, AND Rides In The Car… But He’s NOT A DOG!

Indeed. He likes to do everything dogs like to do. He can fetch, shake hands, sit on command walks with a leash (and without!) plus he likes to go for long rides in the car, but he’s not a dog! He’s a proud cat!

Meet Marely. He’s an orange and white tomcat who resides in Westerfield, Indiana. His daddy calls him a “puppy cat” because he acts like a dog. Seriously!

His daddy jokingly says, “He’s the best dog we’ve ever had!” One of Marely’s favorite things to do is go on road trips in daddy’s convertible. He has his own seat and he likes to put his paws on the dashboard so he can get a good look at the scenery as it passes by. Too cute!

To top it off? He likes going for walks in the park AND he LOVES to play on the swings! This is one very unique cat!! Watch:

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