Puppy chews on his owner’s cell phone — the monster pours boiling water on him

Tuffy was only a six week-old pup when he chewed on his former owner’s cell phone. Puppies do this kind of thing all the time, but it triggered a monstrous reaction. The resident of Chengdu, China poured a pot of boiling water over the puppy and then threw him out the apartment’s fourth floor window. Miraculously, Tuffy was still alive when a good samaritan found him lying on the sidewalk. The 30 year-old woman, Yan Yingying could see that the puppy was teetering between life and death, so she rushed him to the nearest animal hospital, even though it was an hour away.

The puppy had burns over 60 percent of his body and he wasn’t expected to survive. Emily Drayton, a veterinarian at Animal Asia, based in Hong Kong, will never forget how she felt when she first saw Tuffy. “As a vet, you are exposed to cases of cruelty and neglect. It is never something you get used to. You learn to put your emotions aside and focus on what you need to do. But when I saw Tuffy, I was shocked and sickened. I could not stop the tears. Never had I seen an animal in so much pain.”

Thanks to round-the-clock care, Tuffy managed to survive, though he spent months in bandages. During his lengthy recovery, Yan, the good samaritan who rescued him, visited regularly. As Tuffy slowly recovered, he wagged his tail more with each visit. How could she not adopt him? Not all of his fur grew back, so she’s made him a whole wardrobe of adorable doggy coats!

We’ve posted a video about Tuffy’s harrowing experience. The images of him from son after his rescue aren’t for the faint of heart, but his recovery and adoption into a loving forever home are wonderful things to see.

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