They Find A Puppy Covered In Tar And Near Death. Just Wait Until You See His Transformation…

When the heroic rescuers of Animal Aid Unlimited got a call that a 3-month-old puppy was in trouble, they had no idea it could be this bad.

A child stumbled upon a little dog that had accidentally fallen into an exposed tar pit at a construction site. Since the incident, the animal was stuck in the toxic sludge. His future didn’t look bright.

But thanks to animal rescue workers, this dog is given another chance to live. Watch them as they show you the process of how they rescued this puppy from the brink of death.

The video begins by showing the distraught puppy in the rescue shelter. He is dying of thirst and can no longer move since his limbs are stuck together with the tar.

The female rescuer describes how they will use oils to massage the tar out of the puppy’s fur. The next step will be to clean the puppy with soap and water.

At the 1-minute mark, several workers come over to the puppy and dip their hands into a bowl of oil. Together, they massage the animal’s fur until the can start to pull the tar off.

After four rounds of oil treatments and baths, the puppy was finally clean. Watch the dog playing with the animal rescue worker at the 2:35 mark. It’s an adorable animal.

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