Puppy With Dead Leg Has To Have It Amputated. Wait Until You See Who Takes Him In.

It’s distressing to see bad injuries happen to puppies. It seems like the karmic balance is thrown way off when that happens. Fortunately, the people at places like Vet Ranch and the viewers who support them are very intent on restoring those karmic scales. Their donations help the vets there provide the best medical care for these animals that come in. We see an extraordinary change in the scales right here.

The video opens with Dr. Matt holding an eight-week puppy named Hank. He was found with his right front paw heavily bandaged. It’s a mystery why it happened, but the people at Vet Ranch are worried that something bad has happened under the bandage. A quick removal of the bandage reveals the worst – the leg is dead and will require immediate amputation. The good thing is that Hank is eating and in good spirits so he’s not in septic shock.

As usual, with Vet Ranch videos, there is a bit of graphic content. When Dr. Matt cuts off the bandage, you might want to close your eyes for about 20-25 seconds if you’re a bit squeamish like me. After that, it’s smooth sailing. Dr. Matt puts Hank under anesthesia, explaining that while he’s reluctant to put such a young pup under, it’s important, since this dead leg could get worse. Then something weird happens.

Don’t worry – you didn’t accidentally click on another video while watching this. Seeing Alex Mandel and his father, Howie Mandel, who you probably know, is part of this. Alex is going to go visit Vet Ranch. He sees Hank about to go through surgery and is smitten with the pup. After Hank undergoes rehab and spends time at a foster home, he flies out to California… and while he doesn’t wind up at Alex’s, Mandel’s friend does take him into a forever home. What a happy ending!

While I was hoping for another Howie sighting, it was still cool to see Alex play a part in Hank’s getting a forever home. What did you think? Tell us in the comments. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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